Flights to Australia

Whatever your flight need may be, AeraTrip has the cheapest flights for you to travel to Australia and New Zealand. Get to Melbourne and experience a dynamic city life that promises the world's best. Fly to Perth in Western Australia for world-class vineyards, shorelines, and shopping. Get flights to Sydney, Australia and enjoy the famous city and its harbor. Fly to Brisbane, the capital of Queensland for its flourishing workmanship and amusement scenes. Get Sunshine Coast flights and relax on endless beaches or experience the Hinterland.

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Australia – An Overview

Flights to Australia are often bank-breakers. However, we at AeraTrip, have found out a solution to this concern of travelers longing to visit Australia. You must be wondering how? How is it that we are capable of offering the cheapest airfares from the U.S. to Australia? It is through crunching millions of pieces of data linked to flights from the United States to Australia right across the internet, helping us to glide past the confusion of airfare pricing, that we take a step forward to bring to the traveler this unique destination in the most cost-effective manner.  

Australia – a fascinating country of contrasts: cosmopolitan cities and snow-capped mountains, dramatic beaches and the desert-in imitation of the outback. Some Americans who drop to the awe of this fabulous destination that much often, they even opt to relocate.

When to fly to Australia

Like most tourist destinations, Australia has substitute travel seasons. Qantas Airways, Australia’s largest airline by fleet size and the number of international flights, publishes fares based upon three seasons: high, low and shoulder.

Peak Season:

The high (or peak) season, which runs from about the second week of December through January is when airfare tends to be the highest because of the heavy holiday-oriented traffic. This is Australia’s summer (remember, the country is in the Southern Hemisphere, so seasons are opposite those in the Northern Hemisphere), and, depending on where you are, the weather can be (really) hot and dry, making the numerous beaches especially popular.

Peak: 09th December – 31st January

Shoulder Season:

The shoulder season fits in between the peak and low seasons, and runs from February 1 through April (late summer into fall); the second week of June until about the third week of July (winter, but when schools are out in the U.S.); and the third week of September through the first week of December (spring), just before people start traveling for the holidays.

Shoulder:  01st February – 30th April, 09th June – 23rd July, 27th September – 08th December

Off Season:

The cheapest airfare tends to be during the low season, which runs from May 1 through the first week in June, and again from about the third week in July through the third week in September. These periods represent late fall and winter and temperatures are cooler, especially the farther south you are, heading towards Antarctica (again, this is opposite of the Northern Hemisphere, where people are used to heading south during the winter to warm up).

Basic: 01st May – 08th June and 24th July 0 21st September

Cheapest Days to Fly to Australia: Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday

If you think you can handle the excitement as it builds up over the weekend, then it is certainly worth putting off your flight to Australia until a Monday, because our stats have shown that it is the cheapest day of the week to depart from the United States. We also discovered that good prices on routes to Australia persevere through Tuesday and Wednesday, while anything from Thursday onwards is bad news if you are looking after the bank notes.

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