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Question:- How can I make changes to my existing booking?

Answer:- You can make any desired changes in your booking details by informing minimum 24 hours prior to the journey via e-mail or calling on our toll-free number 1-877 733-1352.

Question:- Are there any charges applicable to making changes?

Answer:- Yes! Some charges may be applicable to making changes in your bookings and the charges vary with the airline and its policies.

Question:- How do I confirm the baggage?

Answer:- You can confirm the baggage by talking to our travel agent on our toll-free number 1877 7331352 or calling by Airlines customer care.

Question:- How do I change the date of travel?

Answer:- In case you want to change the date of travel, you can contact the travel agents by simply dialing our toll-free number, however, changes fee will be applicable.

Question:- What are the cancellation policies of

Answer:- Cancellation depends on Airlines tickets rules some ticket is refundable with cancellation free will be applicable as per rules. Cancellation policy confirms with our agents before booking. Some tickets are non-refundable. AeraTrip service free is $25 per tickets plus airline penalty.

Question:- What is the process to request a wheelchair?

Answer:- The request for a wheelchair can be made at the time of booking or later. However it is recommended that you do make the request at the time of booking itself as in case of shortage, the airline may decline the wheelchair at late request.

Question:- How do I get a refund after the cancellation of booking?

Answer:- Cancellation can only be made 48 hours prior to the departure and the refund can be requested after 15 business days from the date of cancellation of the tickets.

Question:- What identifications do children need at the airport?

Answer:- For children below 12 years of age, no identification is needed for domestic flights. Adults accompanying the children might be asked some of these. There is no regulation specified by the government but it is recommended to at least have a passport.

Question:- Can I get an extra bed for children, in the hotel booked under the package?

Answer:- If there are any extra costs for children, if asked are not included in the reservation. It is recommended that you request extra bedding at the time of booking.

Question:- Which costs are included in the travel insurance?

Answer:- It depends on the type of travel insurance you are buying. Travel insurance is intended to cover a wide range like medical expenses, trip cancellation, lost luggage, flight accident and other losses incurred while traveling, either internationally or within the United States. We recommend contacting our customer support team for more information.



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