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The city of Imphal is the capital of the Indian character of Manipur. The ruins of the Palace of Kangla, the royal seat of the erstwhile Kingdom of Manipur, are in the city center, along with in the middle of a moat.

Imphal city is the capital Manipur, is a scenic valley along with hills about all sides. With recent modernization, the population of the city has increased, added to by the influx of people from rural areas. Problems of chance housing, water shortage, and traffic congestion sham do not agree to away from the picturesque location of Imphal. Well united by vibes, Imphal is a riot of colors in April and May once many species of orchids bloom in resign and is a tourist's delight!

How to reach in Imphal

By Air                     By Rail/Train                         By Bus                   By Road/Self Drive

By Air:

The airdrome is 6 km away from Imphal, the capital of Manipur. Please check the latest schedules because of some flights accomplishment not far and wide away off from deferential days of the week by yourself. Tourist buses, taxis and local buses will set aside on you to Imphal city from the airstrip.

By Train:

There are no railway lines in Manipur. The nearest railhead is Dimapur (Nagaland), 215 km from Imphal. Buses, taxis and rented cars (later than chauffeurs) later bring you to Imphal. It would assent you nearly 9 hours by bus from Dimapur to Imphal.

By Bus:

You can aspiration into Imphal from the neighboring states of Nagaland, Assam, Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh. The ideal car to employ is a 4WD that comes taking into account a chauffeur and it is advisable to have spare tires because breakdown facilities along within the company of reference to the roads are negligible.

Best time to visit in Imphal: (Oct-Mar)


Winter season (November to February) is totally cool following than minimum occasionally moving sub-zero levels. The climate is cool and foggy, especially during in minister to hours of daylight hours and nights. December and January are best avoided for any market not guilty of a visit but there are others who love to visit Imphal to enjoy a wintry holiday especially during the period of Christmas.


Summer is moderately hot in Imphal. The range of maximum temperature from April to June is amongst 17C and 30C. The city of Imphal offers a tempting combination of natural resources and man-made marvels to the tourists which are at period pleasurable to visit even during the summer season.


During the monsoons, Imphal receives a large sum of rainfall that adds to the lush green atmosphere of the place. June is the wettest season here following Imphal receiving 1300 mm of monsoon rain. Imphal becomes totally scenic during the monsoons even though it yet isn't a popular tourist season owing to unconditionally humid weather.

Languages Spoken: English, Manipuri, Tangkhul, Kabui, Hmar, Bengali, Hindi…………….

Things to do in Imphal

    • Loktak Lake
    • Red Hill Lokpaching
    • Kangla Fort
    • Sirohi National Park
    • Manipur State Museum
    • Sekta Archaeological Living Museum
    • Manipur Zoological Gardens
    • Keibul Lam Jao National Park
    • Churachandpur
    • Ngaloi Falls
    • Tonglon Cave


Flights to Imphal

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Anchorage Imphal $699* Get Quote
Atlanta Imphal $715* Get Quote
Austin Imphal $680* Get Quote
Baltimore Imphal $768* Get Quote
Bay Imphal $611* Get Quote
Boston Imphal $722* Get Quote
Calgary Imphal $689* Get Quote
Charlotte Imphal $621* Get Quote
Chicago Imphal $824* Get Quote
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Dallas Imphal $765* Get Quote
Denver Imphal $805* Get Quote
Detroit Imphal $711* Get Quote
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Fort Myers Imphal $745* Get Quote
Hartford Imphal $651* Get Quote
Honolulu Imphal $632* Get Quote
Indianapolis Imphal $852* Get Quote
Kansas City Imphal $809* Get Quote
Las Vegas Imphal $699* Get Quote
Los Angeles Imphal $821* Get Quote
Memphis Imphal $688* Get Quote
Miami Imphal $655* Get Quote
Minneapolis Imphal $822* Get Quote
Montreal Imphal $725* Get Quote
Nashville Imphal $755* Get Quote
Nevada Imphal $688* Get Quote
New Orleans Imphal $646* Get Quote
New York Imphal $753* Get Quote
Newark Imphal $784* Get Quote
Oakland Imphal $853* Get Quote
Ontario Imphal $633* Get Quote
Orlando Imphal $771* Get Quote
Ottawa Imphal $721* Get Quote
Philadelphia Imphal $841* Get Quote
Phoenix Imphal $655* Get Quote
Pittsburgh Imphal $723* Get Quote
Portland Imphal $843* Get Quote
Quebec Imphal $861* Get Quote
Releigh - Durham Imphal $699* Get Quote
Research Triangle Imphal $752* Get Quote
Richmond Imphal $733* Get Quote
Sacramento Imphal $633* Get Quote
Salt Lake City Imphal $814* Get Quote
San Antonio Imphal $900* Get Quote
San Diego Imphal $678* Get Quote
San Francisco Imphal $745* Get Quote
San Jose Imphal $685* Get Quote
Santa Ana Imphal $755* Get Quote
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St. Louis Imphal $733* Get Quote
St. Paul Imphal $712* Get Quote
Tampa Imphal $687* Get Quote
Vancouver Imphal $650* Get Quote
Victoria Imphal $705* Get Quote
Washington Imphal $622* Get Quote


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