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Varanasi is a city in the Indian disclose of Uttar Pradesh dating to the 11th century B.C.E. Regarded as the spiritual capital of India, the city draws pilgrims who bathe in the River Ganges sacred waters and con-conflict funeral rites. Along with its winding streets are some 2,000 temples, including Kashi Vishwanath, the Golden Temple, dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva.

Tonsured heads, chillum-smoking sadhus, the chanting of mantras and cremation grounds where the blaze never dies down. This is Varanasi - the holiest of Indian cities and one of the most popular pilgrimage destinations in the country. Also known as Kashi or the city of buoyant, the abode of Lord Shiva where, according to Hindu religious legends, the first rays of light fell after establishment. It is here, in Varanasi, that the Hindu world converges to partake in an endless cycle of birth and death, liveliness and salvation. One of the oldest constantly inhabited cities in the world, Varanasi is paralleled single-handedly by Damascus in terms of antiquity.

Many people lecture to Varanasi as Benares, anglicized ruination of its ancient say. Attracting at the peak of a million pilgrims all year, the city lives and breathes traditional Hindu religion and culture. Yet it has evolved through the merger of the sacred and the profane, the spiritual and the public message. This is a city that buzzes following than vibrancy; a city that is not just a dead mound of chronicles.

What Varanasi offers is vigor itself, in myriad hues subsequently the changing direction of its ghats (river landings) following varying rays of fresh. The numerous ghats along the Ganga, the narrow alleys, and streets when a fused of rickshaws, cycles, auto-rickshaws, pedestrians and even cattle and the religious shrines all form a bizarre circus. The devout agree to die here, but it is furthermore an amazingly well-ventilated place. Famed for its religious fervor as much as its thugs (tricksters), Varanasi is furthermore the area that has evoked some of the most creative processes in philosophy, religion, the arts, and craftsmanship.

How to reach in Varanasi

By Air                     By Rail/Train                         By Bus                   By Road/Self Drive

By Air:

Varanasi is connected by flavor moreover major cities subsequent to Delhi, Agra, Khajuraho, Calcutta, Mumbai, Lucknow, and Bhubaneshwar. The Babatpur landing auditorium at a disaffect of 22 km from the city is related by a shuttle bus advance that takes passengers up to the Cantonment. Alternatively, you can hire a cab to understand you in the city.

By Train:

The main railway station is the junction station heavy the cantonment place. It is just more or less 3 km from the pass city center and can be accessed in the region of auto rickshaws and cycle rickshaws.

The added major rail station is at Mughalsarai, 16 km from Varanasi. Some of the major trains connecting to Calcutta, Guwahati and supplementary places postpone at Mughal Sarai. It is easy to locate transportation from here to realize Varanasi. There are buses and taxis that ply to Varanasi.

By Bus:

Most buses fade away a curt distance from the junction station, and some at the cantonment bus station. Buses are neighboring-door to Gorakhpur, Gaya, Allahabad, Lucknow, Delhi, Khajuraho and places in Nepal.

By Road:

Varanasi has a local bus network, but buses are usually overcrowded. The best quirk of concern in the region of the city is to hire the auto-rickshaws or cycle rickshaws. They are not allowed inside the old-fashioned city lanes but will fade away you at Dashashwamedha Ghat or to Godaulia in the center of the city. Fares should be negotiated abet on. Unmetered taxis are plus easy to make a obtain of two. Private cars can be rented from travel agents and hotels. Rented cars are chauffeur driven. Self-driven vehicles are not easily reached for hire. One of the best ways of viewing the ghats of Varanasi and getting into the simulation of the city is to believe in the future daylight ship ride.

Best time to visit in Varanasi: (Oct-Mar)


Winter season starts from November and lasts till March. The city becomes chosen cool during this period and the temperature even comes to the length of to five degrees Celsius. A cold wind coming from the Himalayan region makes the atmosphere even colder. This is totally the best become old-fashioned to visit Varanasi.


From April to June is the summer season in the city. The temperature ranges in the midst of 32 and 46 degrees Celsius. At period Varanasi gets monsoon showers during this epoch. Since the weather is too hot, it is not the best to become obsolete-fashioned to visit Varanasi.


July to September is the monsoon season. The city receives stuffy to the national average in rainfall in the season. People often come here to the city for religious want.

Languages Spoken: Bhojpuri, Hindi, English, Bengali…………….

Things to do in Varanasi

    • Ganges (Rivers, dolphins, rafting, canals, mythology)
    • Kashi Vishwanath Temple (Ancient Hindu edifice rebuilt in the 1770s)
    • Dashashwamedh Ghat (River)
    • Manikarnika Ghat (Temple, river, history)
    • Assi Ghat (Yoga, river)
    • Ramnagar Fort (History)
    • Dhamek Stupa (Buddhism, monastery, architecture)
    • Gyanvapi Mosque
    • Chaukhandi Stupa (Buddhism)
    • Sarnath Museum (Museum, architecture)
    • Nepali Mandir (Temple)


Flights to Varanasi

Origin Destination Fare Starting from Get a Free Quote
Anchorage Varanasi $699* Get Quote
Atlanta Varanasi $715* Get Quote
Austin Varanasi $680* Get Quote
Baltimore Varanasi $768* Get Quote
Bay Varanasi $611* Get Quote
Boston Varanasi $722* Get Quote
Calgary Varanasi $689* Get Quote
Charlotte Varanasi $621* Get Quote
Chicago Varanasi $824* Get Quote
Cincinnati Varanasi $772* Get Quote
Cleveland Varanasi $726* Get Quote
Columbus Varanasi $654* Get Quote
Dallas Varanasi $765* Get Quote
Denver Varanasi $805* Get Quote
Detroit Varanasi $711* Get Quote
Fort Lauderdale Varanasi $862* Get Quote
Fort Myers Varanasi $745* Get Quote
Hartford Varanasi $651* Get Quote
Honolulu Varanasi $632* Get Quote
Indianapolis Varanasi $852* Get Quote
Kansas City Varanasi $809* Get Quote
Las Vegas Varanasi $699* Get Quote
Los Angeles Varanasi $821* Get Quote
Memphis Varanasi $688* Get Quote
Miami Varanasi $655* Get Quote
Minneapolis Varanasi $822* Get Quote
Montreal Varanasi $725* Get Quote
Nashville Varanasi $755* Get Quote
Nevada Varanasi $688* Get Quote
New Orleans Varanasi $646* Get Quote
New York Varanasi $753* Get Quote
Newark Varanasi $784* Get Quote
Oakland Varanasi $853* Get Quote
Ontario Varanasi $633* Get Quote
Orlando Varanasi $771* Get Quote
Ottawa Varanasi $721* Get Quote
Philadelphia Varanasi $841* Get Quote
Phoenix Varanasi $655* Get Quote
Pittsburgh Varanasi $723* Get Quote
Portland Varanasi $843* Get Quote
Quebec Varanasi $861* Get Quote
Releigh - Durham Varanasi $699* Get Quote
Research Triangle Varanasi $752* Get Quote
Richmond Varanasi $733* Get Quote
Sacramento Varanasi $633* Get Quote
Salt Lake City Varanasi $814* Get Quote
San Antonio Varanasi $900* Get Quote
San Diego Varanasi $678* Get Quote
San Francisco Varanasi $745* Get Quote
San Jose Varanasi $685* Get Quote
Santa Ana Varanasi $755* Get Quote
Seattle Varanasi $741* Get Quote
St. Louis Varanasi $733* Get Quote
St. Paul Varanasi $712* Get Quote
Tampa Varanasi $687* Get Quote
Vancouver Varanasi $650* Get Quote
Victoria Varanasi $705* Get Quote
Washington Varanasi $622* Get Quote


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